Construction Supervision

We offer construction supervision services in the following areas:

  • owner supervision of road maintenance works
  • owner supervision of the construction of railway facilities
  • owner supervision of the construction of utility networks and facilities

We have been active in the field of supervision since 1995. In 2001, in cooperation with partners in Finland and Estonia, the provision of supervision services was started at objects financed by World Bank loans and the ISPA aid program of the European Union. 

The main tasks of owner supervision of construction works are:

  • to check the compliance of construction and repair works with the project or the description of the works
  • to accept work on structures or parts of the facility that will be covered with another structural part or material in the following stages of construction or repair, and in connection with which the subsequent opportunity for their immediate review will be lost
  • check the safety of construction and repair work for the environment and people
  • check compliance with the quality requirements of construction and repair works