Roads and bridges are designed to carry vehicles with a specific mass and axle load. With higher loads, their life is reduced, and therefore it is important to monitor compliance with the established mass restrictions, while also monitoring the general change in vehicle loads over time.

According to the (EU) 2015/719 directive, each member state of the European Union must decide and introduce special measures to identify and control overweight vehicles.

We offer various solutions for vehicle weighing, from the construction of weigh-in-motion (WIM) type stationary weighing points, where vehicles are weighed using equipment installed in the road surface, to on-board-weighing (OBW) telemetric on-board weighing system solutions.

Our study ” Current and future applications in vehicle weighing, creation and monitoring of vehicle mass monitoring system in real time ” showed that obtaining vehicle mass information by remote reading is feasible with the means of the on-board-weighing (OBW) system, which is already present in new vehicles today. By linking vehicle weight data with the data set of transport routes, logisticians have the opportunity to plan freight transport more efficiently. It is also possible to monitor compliance with the restrictions.

We can direct the information received from the OBW system to the information system of the electronic consignment note (e-consignment sheet) and make the entire delivery process more efficient, transparent and environmentally friendly.

Thanks to weight data, it is already possible to estimate and forecast the life of road surfaces based on actual axle loads. By using vehicles with more frequent data transmission, we can identify such places in the road network where, due to the combination of longitudinal inclination and unevenness, the axle load increases to such an extent that it begins to have an impact on the life of the pavement.

Our solutions make decision-making processes based on weight data more accurate and efficient. Feel free to contact us and we will find a suitable solution together.