ITS & road information systems

Road maintenance, transportation and traffic safety rely to a large extent on the data collected from the roads. We have been collecting and analyzing data related to roads and traffic for more than 25 years.

We introduced the concept of road weather and developed the Estonian road weather monitoring information system (RWIS). Using the experience gained, we created an online service that provides a perfect overview of the weather and driving conditions both in Estonia and in neighboring countries. The information service has been created primarily to support decision-making processes for companies and institutions in the field of road maintenance and transport in order to prevent risks caused by changing weather.

On behalf of the state, we have been counting traffic on state highways and collecting various traffic-related statistics for over several decades. We built a traffic census information system to support traffic management decisions and ensure uniform processing and preservation of data collected from national roads.

We established stationary Weigh-In-Motion (WIM) vehicle weighing points on the country’s main highways to assess the impact of heavy traffic and calculate the load frequency required for road design.

We were the first in Estonia to install road and traffic cameras as well as signs and information boards (VMS) with changing information along the roads. The speed signs installed by us calm the traffic on state highways and local roads, the temperature sensors of the road structure collect data on freezing of the embankment, and mobile road condition measuring devices on road conditions.

We always ensure the road information systems created by us are highly reliable and provide the best solutions for the customer’s needs. Feel free to contact us!