Laboratory Tests

The laboratory is Estonian Accreditation Centre (EAK) accredited testing laboratory with registration number L036. The laboratory has an accredited and functional quality management system based on the requirements of EN ISO/IEC 17025.

Following construction materials and products are tested in our laboratory:

  • soils and geological studies
  • bituminous mixtures and bituminous pavements;
  • bitumens and binding agents;
  • aggregates;
  • concrete (including lightweight aggregate concrete and autoclaved aerated concrete);
  • masonry materials and masonry;
  • structural steel;
  • large construction products (reinforced concrete and concrete products) and structures.

We conduct on-site tests using non-destructive methods, take samples from factories, construction sites and from ready-made structures, including from road pavement. We perform tests (including non-standard tests) to determine physical and mechanical properties of a wide variety of products depending of the client’s needs and laboratory’s technical possibilities.

We choose study and test methods that comply with client’s needs, our tests are run professionally and promptly, and in close cooperation with the client.

We have 2200 m2 of laboratory space and modern equipment that complies with relevant requirements. Each year investments are made to keep the equipment up-to-date. Laboratory equipment is acquired from different manufacturers, e.g. Infratest, Controls, Form+Test, ELE, Petrotest.

We regularly participate in comparison tests both internationally and within Estonia.

The information received from the client is confidential and is not subject to disclosure to a third party, except in cases arising from the law and to the NGO Estonian Standardization and Accreditation Center (EAK).

The laboratory operates in Tallinn (Väike-Männiku 26).