Research on Construction Materials and Products

In terms of research on roads and construction materials, there is a definite need in Estonia and Europe in order to achieve more sustainable solutions in infrastructure construction. Resource limitations and the environment present major challenges here.

We have half a century of experience in conducting construction materials, construction products and general road and traffic studies. We carry out review studies, cost-effectiveness calculations and cost comparisons, if necessary we develop new test methodologies. We are one of Estonia’s leading research institutions in the field of road research, with experience in participating in international research projects. We have a comprehensive research library and an accredited testing laboratory for testing construction materials and products.

At the beginning of the research, we map the content of the problem and, if necessary, help the client define the initial task. In the review studies, we prepare a detailed review in accordance with the goals set in the initial task, which includes all available information from the immediate surroundings and other parts of the world, explaining the possibilities and perspectives of the construction material or product under investigation, as well as the existing practice. We make comparisons of building materials and products and cost-effectiveness calculations in order to evaluate the costs and benefits of using different products. One area of ​​research is the long-term monitoring of materials in structures, collecting data and processing them according to the methodology. If you want to study and test non-standard material for which there is no methodology, we can also offer our help here and develop the corresponding methodology.

As a separate field, we can mention the performance of socio-economic profitability studies, which help to compare alternative infrastructure investment proposals and enable the selection of the best option. For this purpose, we use the HDM-IV program calibrated for Estonian conditions.