Mobility and Traffic Surveys

Traffic studies play an important role both in the design of roads and facilities as well as in the planning of construction and road maintenance works. A properly and high-quality traffic study ensures the right design solutions are selected and peace of mind with the traffic environment in the future.

Traffic studies should not be limited to making assessments based on historical data. Up-to-date data must also be collected, as this is the only way to ensure the high quality of the final result. When conducting traffic studies, we always use up-to-date traffic data, and if they are not available, we organize traffic counts to the required extent , using various traffic detection technologies and devices.

In traffic studies, we calculate traffic and load frequencies as well as throughput and service levels. If necessary, we prepare a traffic model and forecast.

In road users’ behavior studies, we have analyzed speed limit regimes, compliance with traffic lights and other requirements of the Road Act, use of direction signals, seat belts and child safety equipment, and other factors affecting driving speed and road users’ behavior.

Regarding the traffic environment, we have checked the compliance of various elements (signposts, traffic signs, pavement markings) and facilities (railroad crossings, pedestrian crossings, junctions) with the requirements and norms, and assessed the compliance of the marking of sections of national roads with increased speed limits and no-passing areas with the regulations and instructions. We have been looking for best practices for determining the maximum permissible driving speed and solutions to influence drivers to adapt their speed behavior to the traffic environment. In addition, we have analyzed the accuracy of driving time determination by different service providers (Google, Here, TomTom, Waze) and the effect of cyclist side gap signs.

You can entrust us with the most complex traffic-related tasks and problems, and you can be sure that they will be solved on time and with the required quality.