TIK City Smart Weather

Tallinnovation’s award-winning forecast service for smart cities, which makes decision-making processes based on weather data affordable for all interested parties. TIK City is a further development of the TIK road weather monitoring web service, specially adapted for cities.

Online service based on the DaaS (Data as a Service) principle

Users of the TIK City service do not have to make investments to buy and manage expensive road weather stations, but can easily get all the necessary information as a high-quality full service.

Fully autonomous

The service is based on IoT devices that are many times cheaper than traditional roadside weather stations, do not require external power and use NB-IoT (Narrowband-Internet of Things) network technology to transmit information.

Easy to deploy

The technical solution and installation processes of road weather stations are well thought out, and thanks to this, the installation of the equipment as well as the subsequent relocation is easy and fast. Once the equipment is installed, observation data and forecasts are available in just a few hours.

A unique online platform

The main output of the service for customers is a website where, in addition to observational data collected from various sources, we offer a road weather forecast updated once an hour, which provides at least 24 hours of changes in weather and road conditions. This information can also be obtained through the application interface (API). We can design the environment and functionality of the service according to the needs of a specific user. The ability to add new devices and integrate existing ones is one of our strengths, already today we have connected dozens of data sources to the TIK road weather monitoring information system.

The best model prediction of road conditions in the region

When forecasting road conditions, we use a road model, the input of which we use observation data from road weather stations in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Finland and the best weather forecast models in the region.