TIK road weather information system

It is a well-known fact that the risk of getting into a traffic accident increases several times in winter, because dangers often lurk just where it cannot be foreseen. For example, black ice and frost can cause a multifold reduction in grip, while it is difficult to detect with the naked eye. 

In order to prevent such unexpected events, the Road Technology Center has created the TIK road weather information system, where information necessary for road maintenance and transport organization and decision-making is gathered. In addition to observational data collected from various sources, users are offered an hourly updated road weather forecast that provides at least 24 hours of changes in weather and road conditions. On a user basis, it is possible to set road, road section or region-based weather, road and traffic conditions, which the system sends automatic notifications when fulfilled. The TIK warning service saves users’ time and informs when an interesting situation is approaching.

The TIK website ( https://tik.teeilm.ee ) also provides information to ordinary road users about the current road and weather conditions on major national roads in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Southern Finland. On the page, it is practically possible to monitor the most important weather data and road camera images in real time, as well as the feedback given by road users about the road conditions through the Waze application.

We offer road weather model predictions all over Estonia, but we are already ready to offer this service outside Estonia as well. Our models make it possible to predict the road environment both in time (at least for the next 24 hours) and in space, for example by filling road sections between previously installed road weather stations with data. Feel free to contact us if you want to get more information about the TIK road weather monitoring online service, if you need support for decision-making processes related to road maintenance, mobility or transport, and if you want to prevent risks caused by changing weather conditions.

See also the overview video HERE .