Transverse profile & cross slope

We measure the cross slope and transverse profile of the road surface with the ViaPPS (Pavement Profile Scanner) laser scanner device, which also allows measuring the curvature of the road. With ViaPPS, you can scan the profile of the pavement using a laser scanner attached to the back of the vehicle, which calculates various parameters characterizing the profile of the pavement.

The ViaPPS device allows measuring several parameters characterizing the geometry of the road:

  • rut depths, mm
  • road surface cross slope, %
  • the curvature of the road, R
  • rut spacing and distance from the measuring axis, m
  • volume of ruts, cm3
  • longitudinal profile (height and plan), m

The measurement width of the ViaPPS laser scanner measuring device in the transverse direction is 4 m. 580 measurement points are formed in the cross-section, which means that in the cross-section the measurement takes place every up to 1 cm on average. The measurement interval is 140 Hz, which means that in the longitudinal profile, when the measuring machine moves at a speed of 100 km/h, one transverse profile is created diagonally every 20 cm.

The ViaPPS device we use undergoes an annual comparison check before the start of the working period, and the condition is also monitored regularly throughout the measurement period.