3D Road Imaging System

Road mapping (mobile mapping) allows you to get an accurate overview of the road condition, parameters and the surrounding environment.

The Road Technology Center maps the road environment with mobile technology that collects both panoramic images and point clouds. In addition to the road itself, the 3D road image system includes the entire area around the road for tens and even hundreds of meters, which is why it is a useful tool for both the road owner and others whose objects of interest are located in the vicinity of roads. Collecting a 3D road image is fast.

Our web applications already today allow you to get a detailed pictorial overview and accurate measurement information of practically the entire Estonian road network (approx. 40,000 km of different roads) without leaving your computer. With such a solution, the user saves time and money in order to make more operative, higher quality and better documented decisions, with a smaller environmental footprint.

In cooperation with our long-term partner EyeVi Technologies, we have developed an effective road surface defect inventory solution for road owners. In addition, we inventory poles, traffic signs, pavement markings, landscaping, gauges, slopes, slopes and water accumulation, facilities and other elements located in the road environment. The three-dimensional model of the road space created by the software can also be used by self-driving vehicles for orientation on the road. Ask us for more.