Pavement layer thickness (induction method)

The thickness of the pavement plays a decisive role in terms of the bearing capacity of the road structure. Being typically the most expensive component of a road structure, it is important to make sure that a high-quality pavement of the specified thickness is installed on top of the well-laid base layers. Traditionally, the thickness of the road surface is determined by drilling, which is time-consuming and breaks the surface, which is why they are done very rarely – only a couple of places per 1 km of road.
The induction method we offer allows you to measure the thickness of the covering layer in a close step without breaking the pavement – according to the developed methodology, the thickness of pavement layer is measured using the induction method at 3 points of the covering tile for every 50 m. For this purpose, before the installation of the pavement, plates with specific properties – reflectors – are placed on the previous layer. The advantage of the methodology compared to the drilling method is a significantly higher density of measurements, but equivalent accuracy.