Road measurements

When managing the road network, it is important to have an accurate and continuous overview of the current condition of the road surfaces and the development of changes, which allows to foresee the necessary investments and repair measures. The time continuity of the collected data, the accuracy of the measurements and the nature of the data are important. Measurements and analysis can be done at the so-called network level, where a wider set of roads is observed, or at the level of an individual road section for condition expertise or, in the case of new pavements, for assessing the compliance and quality of construction works.


At the network level, the pavement repair and maintenance system PMS (Pavement Management System) has been implemented in Estonia for some time, which is based on the regular collection of various parameters of the entire road network, the constant updating of databases and the analysis of these data. Regarding Estonian state highways, the relevant databases are managed by the National Road Administration. As a rule, the road surface data is analyzed once a year, and on the basis of the analysis, repair and maintenance works on roads for the following period are planned. The parameters to be measured are the bearing capacity of the road structure, the evenness of the road surface, the texture of the road surface, the depth of the ruts, the transverse slope and curvature of the road. In addition, the condition of road surfaces is also inventoried. The listed parameters are measured on the network of fully covered state highways, which is approximately 11,000 km in total.

We have played a leading role in the implementation of the PMS system of Estonian state highways, and we participate in the annual collection of data on the condition of road surfaces in the Estonian state highway network. Cities and municipalities also use our services.


The information received from the client is confidential and is not subject to disclosure to a third party, except in cases arising from the law and to SA Eesti Akrediteerimiskeskus.

Declaration of Impartiality

AS Teede Tehnokeskus understands the importance of impartiality. In the field of measurements, reliability is ensured by objectively measured data and their unbiased processing. The development and research department is independent and impartial in its relations with its customers and does everything possible to ensure the ethics of its operations. We regularly assess the risks arising from measurement activities and take responsibility for our activities. We document and analyze potential conflicts of interest arising from measurements.